Conversation has the power to...
  • Motivate
  • Engage
  • Guide
  • Assess
  • Inform
  • Change Healthcare
Better Conversation. Better Care.TM

Conversation Fuels New Care


We are living in the “Conversation Economy”. With the proliferation of messaging platforms and mobile devices, we live in an always-on, on-demand culture with instant access to each other. We “like,” we “comment” and we “share” – everything we do speaks. Today, patients are expecting more than just episodic care transactions; they’re behaving more like consumers and want personalized, easy, timely, and relevant experiences.

Today’s need is driving a new way of communication and delivery of care.

A Market on the Move

Leading industry analysts see automated conversation as a key part of healthcare's transformation.

Conversa’s proven outcomes, ease-of-use, and visionary innovation has resulted in best-in-class patient engagement, remote in-home monitoring, significant clinical and financial outcomes for its clients, catapulting the company into the market leadership position.

– Frost & Sullivan Global Research

Conversa, with its conversational AI, delivers insightful, personalized patient care management efficiently and at scale.


Conversa is market-leading in its brand awareness, market visibility, support for patient self management, proven outcomes, ease of use, and product vision.

— Chilmark Research

Conversa is the type of company that meets this transformation, and has the potential to reshape the whole digital health sector.”

— Juniper Research

Conversation, the cornerstone to a healthy relationship.

Personalized. Automated. Conversation.

Digital Checkups for Patient

Using Conversa’s innovative and scalable "Conversational AI" technology, healthcare organizations deliver automated, personalized doctor-patient conversation experiences that lead to more informed and meaningful patient relationships, effective population management and, ultimately, better clinical and financial outcomes.

  • Improve how patients and care teams communicate around key health experiences like chronic condition management, post discharge, pre and post-surgery, patient education, medication adherence, scheduling appointments, and lifestyle health coaching.
  • Deliver effective care coordination and real-time clinical decision support from integration with 400+ biometric devices combined with clinical, claims and patient-generated data.
  • Build patient satisfaction and loyalty through a more personalized and proactive engagement experience.

Impact Across the Health System


The Value of Conversation

Conversa’s personalized, automated conversation experiences impact the entire organization.

Care Management

  • Efficient chronic care management
  • Decrease readmissions
  • Improve patient engagement
  • Insightful care coordination
  • Optimize pre/post-surgical care

Marketing / Patient Experience

  • Increase patient acquisition
  • Improve patient satisfaction
  • Efficient reach and campaign scale
  • Patient retention / loyalty / NPS
  • Generate incremental patient visits

Call Center & Scheduling

  • Improve patient response and access
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Live web chat support
  • Find a doctor
  • Streamline operations & management

Unlock unprecedented insight...

Turning Conversation into Insight

  • Conversa’s “always-on and any device” conversation delivery meets patients where they are to give you a continuous and comprehensive view to manage patient populations more efficiently than ever before
  • Drawing from a library of over 500 clinical modules, Conversa’s personalized, automated conversation experiences deliver the right conversation at the right time based on the patient’s profile, enabling healthcare organizations to manage resources and scale
  • These Digital CheckupTM conversations integrate actionable data into the clinical workflow, syncing with the electronic health record, allowing care teams to quickly address patients that need to most immediate attention

The Conversa Conversation PlatformTM

We receive patient data from many sources

HIPAA-compliant engine

Integrating Data
  • Imports, parses, and combines clinical data with biometric data and patient-generated data from over 350 devices and apps
  • Accommodates C-CDA files, simple delimited, or other file types from EHR, population health, care management, and other systems

Every patient has a unique digital experience

Dynamic & personalized

Profiling with Taxonomy
  • Our taxonomy maps clinical data and patient-generated data together to create a unique, longitudinal patient profile
  • The Conversa Master Profile is a dynamic digital snapshot of each patient based on data from the EHR, monitoring devices, and real-time self-reported data

Applying new clinical rules and content is simple

Scalable, flexible platform

Applying Clinical Rules
  • Digital Checkups are smart, clinical algorithms that determine what to ask and what to say, to whom, and at what frequency
  • Clients can quickly build out new specialties, customize clinical rules, and perform updates without delay

Integrate patient-generated data into care delivery

Real-time analytics

Analyzing Results
  • Discover which patients are not adhering to their care plan or need immediate clinical attention
  • Gain insight into your patient population’s use of digital communications to boost engagement

Trusted Partners

  • Conversa enables Northwell with innovative technology to improve care coordination, patient satisfaction, and ongoing patient relationship management, improving the well-being of our customers while reducing costs.
    Joe Schulman, Northwell Health Solutions

Better Engagement, Better Care, Better Outcomes

% Patient Engagement

% Patient Satisfaction

% Patient Care Plan Adherence

Times return on Investment


Proven Experience and Passion

Conversa’s team, Board and Advisory Board are a unique group of dedicated healthcare professionals and technologists who are passionate about transforming the health care conversation through personalized patient engagement experiences.

West Shell III

Co-founder CEO & Chairman

West is a creative, high-energy entrepreneur, strategic marketer, conceptual problem solver, committed dad, environmentalist and avid outdoorsman. Over the last 28 years as CEO, he has built 5 innovative high growth companies and raised 4 inspired children.

Philip Marshall, MD, MPH

Co-founder & Chief Product Officer

From music to surgery, and healthcare technology (WebMD and Press Ganey) to social and rich media, Dr. Marshall is an entrepreneur inspired to make things simpler, and better. He also helps lead a large nonprofit performing arts organization, the Oregon Crusaders.

Scott Anderson

Chief Technology Officer

Scott has been an experienced leader of innovative engineering teams in ecommerce, emarketing, healthcare, and financial services for over 20 years at Xerox/ACS, Yesmail, Wachovia and most recently, Walmart Labs, where his 60+ mobile team built 6 apps that grew revenue from $16M to $1.2B in just over 4 years.

Chris Edwards

Chief Marketing & Experience Officer

A proven business executive, Chris has been running global marketing and strategy for healthcare technology B2B and B2C companies for 20+ years. He is an accomplished creative thought leader and was recently awarded the Chief Marketing Officer Growth Award, among over 800 global CMOs (peer voted), for demonstrating leadership in new strategies and programs resulting in significant company growth.

Murray Brozinsky

Chief Strategy Officer

Becky James

Vice President of Operations

Becky has a passion for providing high-quality, scalable client solutions through developing and managing people-focused, cross-functional and empowered teams. She brings 25 years of strong leadership in organizations that use technology to bring solutions to end-users.

Todd Grant

Vice President of Finance and HR

Todd is an accomplished finance executive with 20+ years of experience managing accounting and fiscal operations for high-growth technology companies. An expert in financial modeling, ROI, and process improvement, Todd takes a hands-on, lead-by-example approach to positively influence corporate culture and sound fiscal responsibilities.

Conversa Board of Directors

  • West Shell III
  • Healthline; Netcentives
  • Phil Marshall, MD
  • Press Ganey; WebMD Health Services
  • Peter L. Levin
  • Amida; US Department of VA
  • Steven Lindseth
  • Triple Tree; Explorys
  • Joseph M. Schulman
  • Northwell Health Solutions

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