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Conversa is a virtual care and communication platform that delivers efficiency, engagement and outcomes

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Collaborative Virtual Care & Communication

Conversa’s Virtual Care and Communication Platform™ was built to meet the expectations of today’s healthcare consumer, while helping innovative health organizations to efficiently monitor, manage, and engage with their consumers at scale.

By tapping into the healthcare consumer’s own “health signals” (i.e., patient generated data, biometric, outcomes, and symptoms data), Conversa powers highly personalized, automated, and trusted conversations. With Conversa Connect™, its proprietary patient profiling and health signals engine, and an extensive library of clinically-intelligent engagement programs, Conversa enables organizations to effectively manage patients with chronic conditions, post-hospital discharge, perioperative care, medication adherence, and more.

Conversa’s purpose-built solution drives unprecedented access to care, enhances your remote patient monitoring, optimizes your telehealth initiatives, improves consumer experience, and delivers better outcomes.

Automated Conversational Care Pathways™

Chronic Care

Leverage continuous virtual care to educate and engage patients in their Chronic care conditions such as asthma, diabetes, hypertension, and more.

Post Acute

Improve discharge instruction adherence and nudge patients away from behavior that could lead to a readmission for conditions like CHF, CABG, AMI and more.

Procedure & Surgical

Deliver timely instruction and education before and after a procedure, and monitor the progress of patient recovery for colonoscopy, bariatric, knee or hip replacement procedures.


Provide the crucial guidance your community needs, quickly deliver important lab test results, or ensure a safe and healthy workplace or school with a suite of programs.


Provide supplemental education to patients about their condition, and help them stay in alignment with their wellness goals, OBGYN, Radiation Oncology management and more.

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Engagement to Outcomes

Improved Patient

97 % Of patients feel Conversa helps them manage their care

Better Patient

87 % Of patients feel that they are more connected in their care plan

Care Team

82 % Of care team members recommend using Conversa with their patients

Reduced Procedure
No-Show Rates

70 % Reduction in procedure no show/cancellation rates

Reducing Hospital

32 % Reduction in readmission rates among Medicare patients

Improved Treatment

89 % Reduction in premature treatment among cancer patients

Personal. Automated. Insightful. Conversation.

  • Always-on access from any device Always-on access from any device
  • Smart on FHIR API clinical integration Smart on FHIR API clinical integration
  • Secure, stable, and scalable platform Secure, stable, and scalable platform
  • Smart, dynamic, and profile-driven Smart, dynamic, and profile-driven
  • Collects and utilizes PGHD & biometric data Collects and utilizes "Patient Health Signals"
  • Real-time alerts and analytics Real-time alerts
    and analytics

Who uses Conversa

Scaling Clinical & Financial Outcomes

Providers & Health Systems

Real-time patient monitoring, analytics, and engagement

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Payers & Health Plans

Educate, empower, and energize members

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Pharmaceutical Companies

Personalize medication adherence and symptom management

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Health Tech Companies

Enhance the engagement and experience of your solution

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Why Conversa Health
Why Conversa

Engagement efficiency, outcomes, and value

Conversa’s unique approach to gathering and utilizing patients' "Health Signals" is driving significant value with improved business, clinical, and financial outcomes. The Conversa benefits and use case are broad and impactful: reduced unnecessary readmissions, increased care team productivity and escalation management, improved patient health literacy and engagement, efficient population outreach and monitoring, enhanced patient satisfaction HCAHPS scores, improved appointment and surgery show rates, streamlined call center operations and costs, improved medication adherence and care plan symptom management, more impactful and personalized "digital front door" care experiences, improved access, loyalty, retention, .The future of healthcare will be driven by informed and empowered patients.

Analysts on Conversa: In their words

Redefining the
care experience

Proven Experience and Passion

Conversa’s team, Board and Advisory Board are a unique group of dedicated healthcare professionals and technologists who are passionate about transforming the healthcare experience through automated, personalized patient conversation.

Murray Brozinsky

Murray Brozinsky

Chief Executive Officer

West Shell III

West Shell III

Co-founder, Executive Chairman

Philip Marshall, MD, MPH

Philip Marshall, MD, MPH

Co-founder & Chief Strategy Officer

Chris Edwards

Chris Edwards

Chief Client Experience Officer

Cam Ough

Cam Ough

Chief Product & Technology Officer

Becky James

Becky James

SVP Program Operations

Todd Grant

Todd Grant

VP Finance & Human Resources

Joe Schulman

Joe Schulman

Board Member - SVP Population Health Business Transformation, Northwell Health

Steve Lindseth

Steve Lindseth

Board Member - Senior Advisor, Triple Tree

Mark Goldstein

Mark Goldstein

Board Member - Investment Partner, Builders VC; Chairman, UCSF Health Hub

Peter Levin

Peter Levin

Advisor - CEO, Amida

Paul Auerbach, MD

Paul Auerbach, MD

Advisor - Professor, Emergency Medicine, Stanford

Steve Ondra

Steve Ondra

Advisor - CEO, North Star Healthcare

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