Conversa Health


A Market (and Company) on the Move

Jan '19

Industry analysts expect that digital health technology catering to out of hospital care experiences will grow by 30% to cross $25 billion market globally by the end of 2019. This application of digital health is happening far beyond the traditional healthcare setting and is empowering individuals to be able to manage their own health.

Healthcare organizations are looking to technology to help take patient engagement and the consumer experience to a whole new level.  One of the key areas is automated patient engagement technology like Conversational AI.

In its industry report titled “Healthcare 2020: How Automated Patient Experiences Will Transform the Landscape” the World Business Research (WBR) Group found that 74% of healthcare executives are now interested in using automated patient engagement healthcare to bridge key gaps in the care experience.

As a value-based component to healthcare becomes increasingly common, the importance of solutions, like Conversational AI, that can help to define and communicate value to patients is growing rapidly. Many analysts have been researching this aspect of healthcare and have recognized Conversa as a leader in this transformation.

Chilmark Research recognized Conversa as a Top Patient Relationship Management Solution.  From the report: “Conversa is market-leading in its brand awareness, market visibility, support for patient self-management, proven outcomes, ease of use, and product vision.”

Juniper Research recognized Conversa as a Top Digital Health Company. From the report: “Conversa is the type of company that, through their presence in the market and the kind of product they offer, have the potential to reshape the whole digital health sector. They are an AI company disrupting healthcare in a big way.”

WBR Research stated in their report “We found that one technology company seemed to be meeting this market need very well.  And that’s Conversa, who is a healthcare conversation platform that delivers personalized, automated conversations that helps enable a better healthcare experience. Conversa, with its Conversational AI technology, is transforming the provider-patient relationship from one that is episodic to one that is continuous, collaborative and efficient.”

IDC Research recognized Conversa as an Industry Patient Engagement Innovator. From the report: “Conversa, with its conversational AI, delivers insightful, personalized patient care management efficiently and at scale.”

Frost and Sullivan recognized Conversa with the industry’s Top Patient Engagement Technology Leadership Award. From the report: “Overall, Conversa’s proven outcomes, ease-of-use, and visionary innovation have resulted in best-in-class patient engagement, remote in-home monitoring, and significant clinical and financial outcomes for its clients, catapulting the company into the market leadership position.” They sent out a press release, filmed a video, and issued a report.

“When you look at all the latest research and look around the industry to see what the innovating health systems and pharma companies are doing, they are embracing automated, conversational AI,” said Chris Edwards, Chief Marketing and Experience Officer of Conversa. “They see the value of these personalized, automated conversation experiences helping them accelerate their key strategic business needs around population health management, care coordination, patient acquisition and engagement.”


More and more healthcare organizations (health system, pharma, payers, etc.) are looking for innovative solutions to address the quadruple aim. At Conversa, we are seeing that these transformative solutions share one common ingredient…. a Conversation. Demo the platform that lets you engage and manage patient populations automatically with conversation today!