Conversa Health


Better Conversation. Better Care.™

Apr '17


At Conversa, we understand that health happens every day.  It’s not a one-time event in a hospital or doctor’s office.  We know that our health (and the health and well-being of our loved ones) is made up of many experiences, actions and conversations.

That’s why we have created The Conversa Conversation Platform™.  Conversa leverages numerous data sources (biometric wearables, patient wellness applications, a patient’s electronic medical record, etc.) to deliver automated, clinically-intelligent and personalized conversations that create continuous dialogue between care teams and patients.  These conversations lead to more informed care decisions, patient population management and meaningful relationships.

And when you think about, isn’t life really about relationships?

Conversa has become the healthcare industry’s conversation engine fueling many relationship-focused strategic initiatives, some of which include:

Better Care Coordination, Improved Patient Satisfaction, Patient Loyalty, Patient Engagement, Integrated Decision Support among care teams, Improved Physician Engagement, Efficient Patient Acquisition, Overall Better Patient Experience, Improved Physician Engagement, and more.

We know Better Conversations lead to Better Care. To join the conversation, please contact us.