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From Murray Brozinsky: 2021 Winter CEO Letter

Dec '21

December 3, 2021

As we enter our second holiday season battling COVID-19, I’m grateful that we get to continue supporting the heroes on the front lines caring for patients. 

Every day, the pandemic demonstrates healthcare’s need for a hybrid model in which traditional care delivery is augmented and enhanced by virtual, digital, and automation. Conversa and Amwell’s shared vision is to create the infrastructure to support this emerging model. Our mission is to help you expand access to healthcare, enhance the patient experience, drive efficiencies in care delivery, reduce variability of care, and improve health outcomes. 

As you prepare your 2022 strategic initiatives, I wanted to share how we are helping our partners remotely engage, monitor, and manage their patients so you’re aware of all the ways we may be able to help YOU. 


Conversa’s Automated Virtual Care Platform is designed to…

  • Automate frequent check-ins with your patients
  • Collect their wisdom – patient-generated health data (PGHD) – PROs, and vitals 
  • Identify at-risk patients 
  • Provide personalized guidance and education to promote the best behaviors and actions
  • Navigate patients to synchronous care when needed (e.g. telehealth, phone, in-person visit, etc.)
  • Increase patient touch points and deliver higher-quality care while using fewer resources
  • Deliver measurable health outcomes

Conversa acts as a Virtual Care Assistant that augments your care team, enabling them to practice at the top of their licenses. For your patients and families, Conversa is a Health Companion guiding them on personalized, evidence-based journeys to improve their care and health. Our platform complements and integrates with your EMR and telehealth systems as well as Remote Patient Monitoring and other connected devices. 


Popular use cases making an impact

Here are some examples of how our partners are using Conversa’s Automated Virtual Care Platform to help their patients and communities:

  • Chronic Care – Care teams remotely manage patients with chronic conditions at home. Diabetes, heart failure, COPD, lung transplant patients, and others are able to stay connected without getting infected, especially as we experience spikes from the Omicron variant. 
  • Post Acute – Health systems are efficiently and effectively managing patients discharged from hospital with our post acute programs. CHF, AMI, CAGB, Stroke, COPD, and Pneumonia patients get frequent check-ins and guidance while reducing unnecessary calls, visits, and hospital readmissions. More here 
  • Procedures – Our procedure & surgery programs reduce no shows/cancellations, ensure patients are appropriately prepped, allay fears, and help post procedure on the road to recovery. More here 
  • Emergency – Our ED discharge programs are reducing emergency room recidivism and encouraging patients to follow discharge instructions, attend follow up appointments and fill prescriptions.
  • Maternity – We recently threw a baby shower for our New Mom & Baby Program. We launched it at a health system partner who delivers 1% of all the babies in the U.S. We’d love to partner with you so the other 99% of moms can experience their pregnancies and baby’s first year of life with this wonderful companion by their side, guiding them through it all.
  • COVID-19 – Our COVID-19 programs screen and triage, provide selfcare guidance, automate lab results, address mental health issues, and help with vaccines. As the economy opens up, people need to be more vigilant around screening so they don’t transmit the virus to the unvaccinated. And with the Omicron variant, it’s even more urgent to get people to focus frequently on potential symptoms. Almost all of our partners are renewing their subscriptions to our COVID-19 programs for their patients, employees, and students. More here
  • Many other use cases – We are building out our automated virtual care program library to support journeys for all of your patients and members, including programs for Pediatrics, Cancer, Behavioral Health, and more. We can also create bespoke programs to meet your specific needs.


Augment your care teams & put your patients at the center of their care 

Our solutions are designed with input from patients and care teams using these guiding principles: 

  • Configured for the way you deliver care
  • Integrated into your data and workflows
  • Evidence-based
  • Highly-engaging and personalized for your patients


Conversa’s platform is purpose-built to address access and health equity, patient experience, provider burden and burnout, cost, and measurable outcomes (clinical, operational, and financial). 

The collaborative approach we take with our partners and our investment in their success are major reasons why we were recognized as the industry’s Best Remote Diagnostics Company at the UCSF Digital Health Awards and as the Leader in Automated Self Triage by CB Insights.


Most important, we help you help improve the lives of your patients (in their own words):

  • “The chats make you feel that you are not alone in the recovery process, thanks.” 
  • “I like that it connects me to my doctor when things are not really right.”
  • “For very busy people this is great! I learned a lot about what numbers to aim for.”
  • “I found these chats comforting as I was adjusting to this new diagnosis.” 

  • “The chats taught me many things about what to do on something I had no idea about. They were very informative.” 
  • “Thank you for your support during my illness. You gave me more confidence in being at home!”


Please let us know how we can help

While we’ve won a number of “best” accolades, we view ourselves in the “best supporting” role. You are the real heroes, working day in and day out to save and improve lives. Our team of Caring, Data-driven, Passionate, Proactive Problem-solvers is here to support YOU and your patients. 

As you evaluate your needs, I wanted to include a wonderful interview with Scott Becker, Founder of Becker’s Hospital Review, on the future of automated virtual care. Find it here

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me, or any of your supporting Conversans, to learn more about our platform and programs – and explore how we can help YOU.


Stay safe,

Murray Brozinsky