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Continuing the Conversation – Issue #1 – Introduction

Sep '16

We think the conversation that a patient shares with their doctor or care team is an important one, both in the office and between visits. Thanks to payment reform and new technologies, this relationship is in the middle of a massive transformation. Continuing the Conversation is a recurring market update in your inbox every few weeks that will include interesting articles, compelling statistics, and relevant insights from thought leaders throughout the space, as well as our view on the future of the “Health Conversation”. Health happens between visits, we think healthcare should too.


This Week’s News

As further evidence of this shift to between-visit-care, survey respondents recognized the importance of care coordination for patient engagement. Read more HERE

The industry will need to start making significant investments in population health, business intelligence, revenue cycle management, and patient engagement technologies if they wish to catch up. Read more HERE


Fast Stats

During the office day, physicians spent 27.0% of their total time on direct clinical face time with patients and 49.2% of their time on EHR and desk work. While in the examination room with patients, physicians spent 52.9% of the time on direct clinical face time and 37.0% on EHR and desk work. Read more HERE

The digital health market broke historic records for midyear funding as investment reached $3.9B. Read more HERE

The Last Word…

We are excited to share our very first newsletter with you! Every few weeks we plan to “Continue the Conversation” by sharing recent market developments and insights about how patient-generated health data can be used to transform health care. At Conversa we live and breathe the world of automated outreach to patients in order to gather and share their status with care teams, and all the opportunities and challenges that come along with that.

West Shell III
Co-Founder & CEO
Conversa Health