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Continuing the Conversation – Issue #2 – Dr. Rich Milani

Nov '16

Continuing the Conversation is a recurring market update in your inbox every few weeks that will include interesting articles, compelling statistics, and relevant insights from thought leaders throughout the space, as well as our view on the future of the “Health Conversation”. Health happens between visits, we think healthcare should too.


This Week’s News

Open APIs into EHRs are going to become a reality very quickly. Under MIPS, clinicians are required to provide patients with access to their health information via apps configured to the API of the clinician’s EHR. This will certainly move the bar on patient engagement

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There’s no doubt that Apple plans to expand its biometric tracking and analysis, maybe to the point of helping diagnose new problems. But are they also building an EHR? Or maybe a service for exchanging health data? Whatever they do, they’ll have to overcome another little surprise in their latest iOS… deleting all your prior health data. 

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Fast Stats

People who used Fitbits cost their employer nearly 25 percent less in health care costs, according to a new study from Fitbit. 
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The Last Word…

Many of us have been waiting for the day in which the patient’s voice is valued as much if not more than a lab result, a CT scan result or a vital sign. That day seems to have arrived. Patient-generated health data – PGHD – hasn’t just snuck into MU3 and MIPS…. it has roared in like a lion. I often ask my colleagues “Don’t you think that bringing people into the office to know how they’re doing is a little like trying to learn about animal behavior at a zoo?”  I’m no longer getting blank stares when I ask that – my colleagues know it’s time we make health care more real-time… it’s time we focus on how patients are really doing “in the wild”.

Dr. Danny Sands
Chief Medical Officer
Conversa Health