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Continuing the Conversation – Issue #3 – Drew Schiller

Jan '17

Continuing the Conversation is a recurring market update in your inbox every few weeks that will include interesting articles, compelling statistics, and relevant insights from thought leaders throughout the space, as well as our view on the future of the “Health Conversation”. Health happens between visits, we think healthcare should too.


This Week’s News

ONC’s Patient-Generated Health Data contractor, Accenture, has created a white paper that provides a framework for understanding the current state, challenges, and opportunities around PGHD. “Clinicians can strengthen their relationships with, and improve the experience of, their patients by using PGHD to develop a personalized care plan and to engage in joint decision-making to foster better outcomes.”

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A month ago, Fitbit announced it would buy troubled smartwatch maker Pebble, and now it appears that Fitbit is acquiring stylish newcomer Vector for its software and its design team. Not exactly Patek Phillipe, but this could move Fitbit’s smartwatch design in the direction of traditional watch fashion. 

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Fast Stats

While connected blood glucose monitors and devices incorporating heart rate sensors dominate the list, we also saw more apps and software clearances, as the regulatory agency continues to evolve its position and expertise on how to regulate digital health tools.

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This years’ series of Internet of Things (IoT) and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) forecasts reflect a growing focus on driving results using sensor-based data and creating analytically rich data sets. What emerges is a glimpse into where IoT and IIoT can deliver the most value, and that’s in solving complex logistics, manufacturing, services, and supply chain problems.

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The Last Word…

As we enter 2017 with so much uncertainty around the future of affordable health insurance, there’s still a lot to be optimistic about. At the recent JP Morgan health care conference – the leading health sector investor conference – the excitement was palpable around how technology can help health care to efficiently scale to the meet the needs of many more people, while saving cost. There will be big moves in 2017 by telehealth providers, retail clinics, automated digital communication companies, and health systems that commercialize services that have provided them with positive outcomes. An example of this is at Northwell (New York state’s largest health care provider), where their new venture Formativ will help physician practices to offload a lot of their administrative burden in care management, appointment support, and revenue cycle management. Learn about that HERE

For more efficient, smarter, and more scalable care delivery, 2017 is sure to be a breakout year.

Dr. Philip Marshall
Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer
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