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Conversa Health Launches COVID-19 Employee HealthCheck to Help America Get Back to Work Safely

May '20

Conversa Health Launches COVID-19 Employee HealthCheck to Help America Get Back to Work Safely

Proven virtual care and communication platform being used by major employers

Portland, OR (May 20, 2020) – Conversa, a leader in automated personalized patient engagement, today announced a new offering for businesses and other organizations: COVID-19 Employee HealthCheck™. As businesses plan to get back to work, they need to create a safe environment for returning employees and visitors. Screening people to identify those who may be infected with coronavirus is an important part of any plan to create and maintain a safe workplace.

Employee HealthCheck engages employees each workday in a brief automated chat to assess exposure risk to coronavirus and symptoms of COVID-19. Employees can complete the chat on their phone, tablet or computer before they travel to work. Those who are cleared for the day receive a digital “badge” they can display at access control points, and employers are notified. Employees who are not cleared for work are instructed to stay home, and are provided guidance for self-care, monitoring, testing or additional care. Employee HealthCheck is kept current with continuously changing screening protocols and is designed to accommodate the needs of large organizations.

Conversa Health Launches COVID-19 Employee HealthCheck

“While the pace of reopening varies across the country, there should be no question that businesses resuming operations need to do so safely,” said Murray Brozinsky, Conversa’s CEO. “Employers and employees have a responsibility to keep this pathogen out of the workplace. We believe our COVID-19 Employee HealthCheck is a great first line of defense and instills confidence in returning to a healthy and safe environment. Ultimately, this is about helping people stay connected without getting infected.”

Conversa’s COVID-19 Employee HealthCheck is a part of a suite of proven COVID-19 solutions being used by leading health organizations including Northwell Health, UCSF Health, UNC Health and Prisma Health. Over the last two months, these solutions have been shared with millions of patients providing symptom checking and triage, check-ins with quarantined patients and delivering lab results.

Conversa developed the COVID-19 Employee HealthCheck with UCSF Health in San Francisco, consistently ranked as one of the top 10 health systems in the U.S. UCSF had been using a paper-based process, asking employees a series of screening questions as they arrived, but this caused significant wait times—up to 30 minutes—putting employees at risk of exposure to coronavirus while waiting in line. Within five days of working with UCSF, Conversa launched its solution, cutting wait times for employees entering work by 80 percent, saving them 250 hours per week. The solution has performed over 400,000 safety screens to date and that number is growing rapidly as it is being adopted by numerous health systems and employers.

“We needed to safely screen while minimizing delays for our employees, visitors and others caring for patients,” said Aaron Neinstein, MD, Director of Clinical Informatics, UCSF Center for Digital Health Innovation. “Conversa’s virtual care and communication solution was flexible and scalable to help us create a user-centered solution, while modernizing our processes for how we engage and care for our employees. It’s been working great for us, and we’re extending use to our employees across the UCSF campus – I think employers across many other industries will find themselves wanting to use a tool like Conversa to help create a safe workplace and ensure they have healthy employees.”

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