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An intuitive experience to extend your solution

Conversa’s personalized and proven Conversational AI platform delivers a unique value to a wide variety of health tech companies. With its robust library of clinically-intelligent chats and easy to integrate technology, Conversa is becoming a key “ingredient” in extending the capability of other technology solutions — ranging from electronic health records (EHRs), patient monitoring, risk stratification analytics, telehealth, patient education, marketing websites, call center solutions and more.

Delivering value to you. And your customer.

  • Improve patient education and personalized telehealth
  • Efficient utilization of patient generated health data
  • Make a digital front door experience meaningful
  • Automate outreach to scale remote patient monitoring
  • Real time, relevant clinical support
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“Our strategic partnership with Conversa will help our clients have more meaningful, personalized and ongoing interactions with their patients. We are proud to introduce our clients to a like-minded innovator that is making a significant impact in the market.”