Conversa Health


Artificial Intelligence for Pharma Industry

For Pharmaceutical Companies

Adherence, empowerment, and insight with Conversation

For pharmaceutical companies, Conversa provides a better way to deliver value beyond the pill: meaningful, personal and trusted conversations. With chats that educate and motivate users about their medication, Conversa unlocks a powerful new, automated, direct-to-patient channel to gather critical insight into the efficacy of medication, symptom management, and other valuable health data. The collection and analysis of these Patient Health Signals introduces a powerful new way for pharma organizations to play a key role in clinical trials, and the delivery of care, support, and well-being of the patient.

Conversation. A prescription for well-being.

  • Direct to patient engagement & insight
  • Rich data collection & research
  • Personalized value beyond the pill
  • Guided medication management & adherence
  • Real-time clinical support and guidance
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Benefits of AI in Healthcare
“Automated engagement technology like Conversa gives us good insight into the patient's life, and helps to touch them at the time that actually matters.”