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Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

For Providers and Health Systems

Improved Outcomes, Reduced Cost, Peace of Mind

Conversa has become the preferred way to insightfully manage, monitor, and engage with your patients at scale. Its Conversational AI is able to personalize and automate care conversations around chronic condition management, post hospital discharge, pre/post surgery, medication adherence, lifestyle health education, and more. Data driven in its approach, Conversa is able to use “Patient Health Signals” to inform important clinical action, deliver provider peace of mind, and drive better population clinical and financial outcomes.

Better Conversation means Better Care.

  • Remote monitoring & insightful population management
  • Improved patient access, engagement and experience
  • Efficient care coordination productivity and peace of mind
  • Deeper patient literacy, empowerment and care plan adherence
  • Better health outcomes & cost savings
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