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It’s Happening Now

Jan '20

It’s happening.

The question is not “If it’s happening?” or “When it’s happening?” but “How will YOU be a part of it?”

Healthcare organizations are taking a more consumer-centric approach to virtually monitor, manage and engage patient populations at scale more efficiently than ever before. And these organizations (i.e. Health Systems, Pharma, and Payers) are looking to technology to help them get there.

Many innovators have been unlocking the value of healthcare’s Quadruple Aim with Conversational AI. One example is Northwell Health, the largest hospital in New York State, which is leveraging automated patient engagement extensively. With Health Chat technology, Northwell “improves care coordination, patient satisfaction, and ongoing patient relationship management resulting in the improved well-being of our customers while also reducing costs.” The success they’ve witnessed is driving the decision to scale their use of this cutting edge technology across the health system to further differentiate itself in the market as seen here.

leveraging automated patient engagement

Leading this transformation to personalized, automated, real-time population health management, Conversa has become the company of choice and has been recognized by several market industry analysts:

Visionary Innovation Patient Care Management Leader of the Year (Frost and Sullivan)

“Conversa is an outstanding example of the benefits of digital health technology applied specifically to address a long-standing communications problem in an easy-to-access manner. Its ease for enterprise scale and customer-centricity helps set itself ahead in the market.” More here 

Leading Care Management Virtual Health Assistant (Health XL research group)

“Conversa provides better opportunities for consumers, patients, Pharma, Providers, and Payers….it helps health organizations monitor, manage and communicate with their populations more efficiently than ever before.” Report excerpt here

A Top Patient Relationship Solution (Chilmark Research)

“Conversa is market-leading in its brand awareness, market visibility, support for patient self-management, proven outcomes, ease of use, and product vision.” Report excerpt here

Market Leader in Continuous Patient Care Management and Population Health (WBR Research)

WBR published an industry report titled “Healthcare 2020: How Automated Patient Experiences Will Transform the Landscape”. From the report “We found that one technology company seemed to be meeting the true market need. And that’s Conversa, who is a healthcare conversation platform that delivers personalized, automated conversations that helps enable a better healthcare experience. Conversa, with its Conversational AI technology, is transforming the provider-patient relationship from one that is episodic to one that is continuous, collaborative and efficient.” Analyst video here

A Top Digital Health Disrupter & Market Mover (Juniper Research)

“Conversa is the type of company that, through their presence in the market and the kind of product they offer, have the potential to reshape the whole digital health sector. They are an AI company disrupting healthcare in a big way.” 

Industry’s Top Patent Engagement Technology Leadership Award (Frost and Sullivan)

“Conversa’s proven outcomes, ease-of-use, and visionary innovation have resulted in best-in-class patient engagement, remote in-home monitoring, and significant clinical and financial outcomes for its clients, catapulting the company into the market leadership position.” The analyst summary, video and report can be seen here

Industry’s Key Patient Engagement Innovator (IDC Research)

“Conversa, with its conversational AI, delivers insightful, personalized patient care management efficiently and at scale.”

“The market analysts have outlined the industry transformation, and identified the technologies that will propel healthcare organizations today and tomorrow,” stated Chris Edwards, Conversa’s Chief Customer Experience Officer. “With Conversa’s purpose built solution, our customers are virtually monitoring, managing, and engaging patient populations at scale more efficiently than they have ever before. These innovative partners of ours are seeing many benefits such as more meaningful and efficient patient relationships, effective population management, enhanced patient experiences and, better clinical and financial outcomes.”

It’s clear where the market is headed. It’s clear that certain healthcare leaders and proven technology are paving the way. If you are ready to learn more, it just starts with a conversation