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Prisma Health Launches New Virtual Care Solution to Help Community Members Assess COVID-19 Risk and Stay Safe

Apr '20

Using Conversa’s Virtual Care technology enables more efficient
symptom checking, education and triage to local testing and care resources.

Greenville, SC (April 29, 2020)—Prisma Health has launched the COVID-19 Health Screener and Triage Program by Conversa Health, a leading virtual care and communications provider, to relieve health education and communication duties on clinicians, nurses and other clinical staff during a time of unprecedented strain on health systems.

As the largest not-for-profit health system in South Carolina, Prisma Health is committed to using cutting-edge technologies to keep South Carolinians safe. Prisma partnered with Conversa to quickly launch the fully automated screener and triage tool to educate residents and help them understand what actions they should take if they are worried they have COVID-19. With this personalized tool, patients can quickly and easily check their symptoms and, if necessary, get connected to the appropriate next level of care, such as an e-visit or additional testing. Additionally, patients may sign up for ongoing automated alerts about COVID-19.

“The value of virtual care and communication has never been greater,” said Dr. Nick Patel, Prisma Health Chief Digital Officer. “The quick, easy feedback from this solution helps not only those individuals seeking medical advice but helps contain the spread of the virus. Right now, all of healthcare has the common need of virtually monitoring, managing and engaging with their community at scale in a timely manner. Conversa’s leadership, product capability and responsiveness to the need has been fantastic and exactly what healthcare needs right now. Our goal is always to look for ways to better serve our communities. We’re thrilled to offer this resource to our communities in hopes it will provide timely answers to people from the safety and comfort of their own homes.”

Prisma Health Launches New Virtual Care Solution to Help Community Members Assess COVID-19 Risk and Stay Safe

To make this resource easily accessible to the communities Prisma serves, the program is available on and via a text short code (Text COVID19 to 83973). Prisma Health also has an ongoing community outreach program to make community members aware of the program through social media, digital media and print communications. With these efforts, Prisma Health has quickly reached thousands of patients in need throughout the state so far.

Prisma Health plans to add Conversa Health COVID-19 programs that will help patients manage the quarantine process and receive their test results to further manage this ongoing health crisis.

All these efforts are part of Prisma Health’s strategic focus on digital health programs that meet community members where they are. “The future of virtual health is today,” Patel added. “Using automated, scalable technology allows us to efficiently deliver relevant, insightful and convenient care.”

In the coming months, Prisma Health also will launch Conversa virtual care programs that help patients communicate with their care teams around both chronic and acute health events like diabetes, chronic heart failure, COPD and asthma.

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