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Prisma Health expands use of Conversa’s Automated Virtual Care Platform

Oct '21


Conversa’s comprehensive solution enables Prisma to effectively and efficiently
monitor, manage and engage with its patients at scale

Portland, OR (October 14, 2021) – Prisma Health, an innovative, integrated 17 hospital health system in South Carolina, is expanding its work with Conversa Health, the market leader in automated virtual care and one of the newest members of the Amwell family.

Prisma is building on its success using Conversa’s COVID-19 Virtual Care Suite, which was designed to help patients, reduce the burden on front-line health workers, and increase capacity for health systems during the pandemic. Thousands of Prisma community members used Conversa programs to screen and triage for COVID-19 symptoms and exposure risk, while Prisma team members used Conversa Employee HealthCheck to screen for COVID-19 symptoms before coming into work.

The COVID-19 pandemic compressed years of virtual care tool adoption into months. Conversa’s Automated Virtual Care and Triage™ platform enables health systems to remotely monitor, analyze and communicate with patients and healthcare consumers with frequent check-ins  at scale—for chronic care, acute discharge, perioperative, oncology, OBGYN, prevention and wellness, and more. The platform automates care where possible, identifies at risk patients, and provides digital triage to higher levels of care for those patients – e.g. phone calls, telehealth, e-visits, scheduling in-person consults – when necessary.

Beyond the Conversa COVID-19 Virtual Care solutions, Prisma is utilizing Conversa’s personalized, automated clinical pathways to help deliver relevant, insightful and convenient care. Through this expanded partnership, Prisma will use Conversa for chronic care management – diabetes, heart failure, COPD, and asthma, women’s health, and pediatrics – wellness and obesity.

“Conversa helped Prisma rapidly expand our care capacity, virtually, at a critical time for our health system, actualizing the tremendous opportunity we’d recognized in automated virtual care technology.” said Dr. Nick Patel, Chief Digital Officer at Prisma Health, the largest healthcare system in South Carolina. “Conversa’s platform allows us to hear more from our patients—to collect self-reported data on their conditions – and use that information to navigate patients to the right avenue for care. This drives care adherence and deepens the relationship between patients and their care teams to improve outcomes. Bringing this experience to a wider variety of patients and care teams across Prisma is critical for us to better serve our community.”

In addition to Prisma Health, other innovative health systems such as Northwell Health, UCSF Health, UNC Health, University Hospitals, SCL Health and others, rely on Conversa to remotely manage and engage their patients by delivering configurable, automated text-based conversations to support a wide range of clinical needs—from pre-admission patient education and preparedness to post-acute monitoring, chronic care management and more. Conversa’s core technology extends care teams by using automated patient interactions to ensure patients stay on track before and after in-person or virtual visits.

“We are very excited to expand our work with Prisma Health – one of the most innovative health systems in the country. Prisma has fully embraced digital health, recognizing that there is now more risk and cost in not adopting these technologies.” said Murray Brozinsky, CEO of Conversa. “The way forward to the future – in which everyone has access to quality healthcare, variability of care is mitigated, and we can improve outcomes while reducing cost – requires investment in a hybrid care delivery model, where physical, virtual, and automation combine to surround patients with the care they need when they need it. We look forward to reimagining this healthcare future with Prisma.”

About Conversa Health

Conversa Health, one of the newest members of the Amwell family, is a leader in automated virtual health at scale. Conversa’s Automated Virtual Care and Triage™ platform utilizes its proprietary patient profiling and health signals engine and an extensive library of evidence-based digital pathways to help healthcare organizations effectively and efficiently risk stratify and remotely manage patients across the care continuum. Leading health systems, payers, employers and pharmaceutical companies are using Conversa to develop meaningful relationships and drive better health outcomes. To learn more, visit, follow @ConversaHealth or text HELLO to 77877.