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Unlocking the Quadruple Aim With Automated Patient Engagement Health Chats

Oct '19

Automated Patient Engagement Health Chats

These four pillars make up the Quadruple Aim of the healthcare industry. In order to overcome the substantial challenges that have built up over decades and achieve these goals, there is a need for innovation. Leaders are approaching the daunting task of transformation with new technologies that leverage automation and artificial intelligence to scale the personal care experience. An example of these technologies are personalized, automated “Health Chats.”

Learn how they are proving to be among the most efficient and effective in meeting the Quadruple Aim for innovative healthcare organizations. Join Conversa over the next several weeks and dive in to each quadrant, gaining critical insight along the way. Download the full infographic by clicking the imagery below. Respective article links will be posted below in coming weeks.

1. How Intelligent Patient Engagement Tools Help Reduce the Cost of Healthcare

With healthcare spending rising ever higher and needs growing as our population ages, transformative solutions are required to reduce the cost of care. Intelligent patient engagement tools are poised to offer ways to cut costs. Conversa’s Murray Brozinsky explains. Read more.


2. How Intelligent Patient Engagement Tools Help Improve the Patient Experience

Advances in artificial intelligence (AI) technology can not only make healthcare processes more efficient, but they can also elevate the patient experience. AI-powered virtual health assistants (VHAs), such as health chats, support and engage patients and give them more control over their health. Read more.


3. How Intelligent Patient Engagement Tools Help Enhance Clinician Experience

The World Health Organization recognizes work-related burnout as an acute problem in healthcare, with 44% of physicians reporting the effects of exhaustion and overwork. In particular, the burdens of documenting care in electronic health records (EHRs) can occupy twice as much of a doctor’s time as seeing patients. Intelligent health chat technology is emerging as a smart solution for supporting clinicians. Read more.


4. How Intelligent Patient Engagement Tools Help Improve the Health of Populations

Key challenges in improving population health outcomes include the multiple chronic conditions (MCC) suffered by 45% of Americans. Coaching patients to adopt healthier lifestyles and managing patients post-discharge and and pre-and post-treatment are also challenges that must be overcome to improve health outcomes. Intelligent patient engagement tools are helping providers engage in continuous patient conversations, enabling them to constantly reassess risks and support the best options for improvement. Conversa’s Murray Brozinsky explains. Read more.


You can also hear more about the strategic use of health chats in a clinical setting directly from forward-looking healthcare leaders. Dr. Zena Brown of Northwell Health, Mark Schario of University Hospitals, and Murray Brozinsky of Conversa share their perspectives on the value of health chat technology in meeting the Quadruple aim in a major market webinar – The Future of Healthcare and the Patient Journey: Unlocking the Quadruple Aim with Automated Patient Engagement Chats

Quadruple Aim Patient Engagement Health Chats