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Welcome to Northwell Health Chats

Welcome to Northwell Health Chats - Conversa

We have an new and easy way for you to stay connected with your Northwell Care Team and share health information along your health journey: Northwell Health Chats.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Northwell Health Chats?

Northwell Health Chats are personalized, automated conversations that help us stay connected during your recovery. These Chats will ask you about how you’re feeling, and your Care Team will be able to see the answers specific just to you.

How does it work?

You will receive notifications for your chats via email or SMS text message — whichever you prefer. Simply click the link in the notification and your secure, personalized chat will begin immediately. Every patient’s chat experience is different, based on your unique health conditions and concerns. This means you’ll only receive chats that are relevant and meaningful to you and your health.

Am I talking to a human?

This experience is an automated, personalized “chatbot.” While you’re not chatting with an actual human, all of your responses are securely sent back to your Northwell Care Team. This means we can follow along and know right away if a phone call or office visit is needed.

How often do these chats happen?

You will receive a chat notification weekly, 2 days before your office visit.

Is it secure?

Indeed! Everything you share within Northwell Health Chats is completely safe and secure.

Who at Northwell will be able to see your information?

Your Care Team will be able to see the information.

Can I change an answer during a chat?

Yes. Just press on the answer you wish to change, and a box will come up with options to change your response.

Can I change my settings/preferences?

Yes. Just click on the gear icon in the lower left of your screen. Here you can select “notifications” to change your preferences (text or email) or change your contact info.

Visit the Northwell Health site by clicking here.