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Mar '20

Conversa introduces a virtual care conversation to help people stay informed about the new coronavirus, prevention exposure risks, symptoms, and find local healthcare resources

Conversa’s Coronavirus Health Chats is an indispensable communications tool for a public health crisis and an example of the significant need for virtual health

Conversa, healthcare’s leader in delivering automated engagement at scale for patients, members, employees, and consumers, has created an interactive resource for people who want to stay informed about the coronavirus, understand their exposure risk, practice prevention, check symptoms, and find out where to go in their community if they need test or care.

The need for virtual care, education and communication has never been more urgent. Just last week, a government emergency funding measure was signed to stem the ongoing coronavirus disease (COVID-19). This law waived restrictions on telehealth services for Medicare beneficiaries and makes virtual health solutions more accessible to consumers. 

Conversa’s clinically-intelligent patient engagement platform expands the use of virtual care and telemedicine in a meaningful way so that people receive information on the outbreak as well as how to best assess risk, stay safe, address symptoms and how to receive care. Conversa’s Coronavirus Health Chats are available by texting “Virus” to 83973 or by visiting People can learn about the coronavirus, such as how it started and how it spreads, and receive answers based on information from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention. Users can sign up for text alerts to stay up to date with accurate news about coronavirus, including personalized information relevant to their location, receive a recommendation on whether to follow up with their doctor. 


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“People want timely, accurate information about the novel coronavirus and COVID-19, the disease it causes,” said Phil Marshall, MD, MPH, Conversa’s co-founder and chief product officer. “They also want sound guidance on any symptoms they are experiencing, without burdening their doctor’s office unnecessarily. Our Health Chat can help patients determine when it is appropriate to call a doctor or if they can continue to monitor their symptoms on their own.”

Conversa Coronavirus Health Chats work with any device that has a browser — no need to download an app. No data is stored unless the user chooses to receive text alerts, and then, only a user’s cell phone number and ZIP code (for location-specific updates such as travel restrictions) are stored. The chat is fully secure and HIPAA compliant. 

Conversa’s Coronavirus Chats leverage the Conversa Conversation Platform™ The platform  enables healthcare organizations to engage their patients and communities across use cases ranging from chronic, acute, perioperative, cancer, OBGYN, wellness, etc., with  a frequency and at a scale that would be prohibitive with clinicians, nurses and health coaches.

Conversa has developed the Coronavirus Chats as a service that health organizations across the country can use to communicate with, educate, and provide virtual care for people in their communities. If you are a health organization, please contact us and  join other healthcare leaders like Healthgrades – Read more here. Help us SPREAD THIS in your community to help in the fight against coronavirus.

“Since founding Conversa Health, we have  dedicated every day to helping people engage in their health and care through clinically intelligent automated conversations,” said Murray Brozinsky, Conversa’s president and chief strategy officer. “We have a phenomenal team who worked around the clock to develop the Coronavirus Health Chat to do our part in response to this pandemic. We are committed  to helping the public at large, healthcare organizations, and healthcare professionals on the front lines working with patients at this critical time.”